Worth 3 point(s) - Runtime Limit: 1 seconds


Dan is going on a trip with his friends to see the Petra. He realizes that everyone will be thirsty so he wants know if he has enough water bottles so that each person can take 3 bottles. If he has enough, he doesn’t want to carry too much to where the water just becomes extra weight on his back, so he wants to know how much extra he has from his box of water bottles and how much he should take out.

First number, N, in the input file will tell you how many lines will follow. Then for N lines you will be provided with P number of people coming to the Petra trip (including Dan himself) and W number of water bottles Dan brought on the bus.

The output should tell Dan whether he has enough bottles to keep all his friends and himself alive and how many extra bottles he should remove by outputting “You’ve got enough! Remove X bottles from your box.” where X is the number of bottles to be removed. If they do not survive, output “There will be people who won’t make it… sorry Dan.” If Dan needs to remove only one bottle, be sure to print “1 bottle” instead of “1 bottles”.

Sample Input

19 57
4 8
7 31
1 4

Sample Output

You've got enough! Remove 0 bottles from your box.
There will be people who won't make it... sorry Dan.
You've got enough! Remove 10 bottles from your box.
You've got enough! Remove 1 bottle from your box.